Let everyone know your pet

My name is Dexter. I am 14 weeks old and I am a beagle mix puppy. I was born in Indiana with 9 other litter mates. I was rescued on July 1, 2014 by the Mancuso family. I love to chew and go on walks. Everyone loves my speckled tongue. I'm so happy I was adopted.

This is Zoey McMahon, "I love halloween! Mom seems to dress me every holiday, we love halloween the best! Trick or treat to you all! Love, Zoey"

This is Didlee! He is 4 years old and his birthday is June 5th! He loves walks and attention!

This is our youngest furbaby George Marley. He was born on September 15, 2012 and is a Boxador. We rescued him, but he rescued us right back. He has 2 older chihuahua sisters, and all our furchildren are spoiled. Thank you Bradley Animal Hospital for all the help!

Merry Christmas From Zoe Lee!!

These are my two cats. I rescued Belabina from the apartment building I was living in at the time, her owner had died and she was alone in her apartment for a long time. Bennie was rescued here in Bradley. He belonged to some kids down the street, but he wasn't taken care of very well, so he kept coming over to my house and the rest is history. They are my loves.

This is Rosco, he was born July 1, 2008. He is razors edge and devil dog. Rosco loves to play catch and tug on ropes and go on walks!

This is Sadie Smallwood. Sadie was found in front of the Vets. I adopted Sadie on April 4, 2009. Dale gave Sadie the birthday of Feb 23, 2009 because they are not sure when she was born. Sadie was born with no eyes. She gets around just fine.

This is Billy Dykema, a 3 year old Dapple Minature Dachshund

This is Jenna Dykema, a 3 year old Longhair Minature Dachshund.

This is Kitty, now 8 years old, a beloved member of the Noteboom Family!

You guys have taken good care of our family's animals.....thank you. These are pics of Lucy in the holiday spirit.

This is Gunner, he turned 3 years old November 2009. Son of Fred - he is a family favorite! Life is blessed with Gunner in our family, we are so happy to have him! Bradley Animal hospital has been a big part of raising Gunner and we cant't thank you enough.

Hi, my name is Smokey. I am eight years old and love to sit on my owners lap and talk a lot. I also love to play tag and hide and seek. I RULE THIS PLACE!!

Mya is a 1 year old American Bulldog. Her life was in danger until her doctors, Dr. Carpenter and Dr. Kobberdahl, saved her. After undergoing extensive surgery to remove articles of cloth from her intestines, Mya recovered with a bang! Here she poses with her heros!

This is our "first child"! 8 year old Golden Retriever "Fosse". Though he has problems getting around these days, he is named after an innovative dancer and choreographer! He makes our hearts dance with his love, affection, and his care and concern for his human siblings! Here he is after our water ballon fight! He found just the right size mud puddle to relax in!

We hope you enjoy the pic of our puppy!

The Dunn Family

This is Kobe and Kallie. Kobe is 6 years old and Kallie is 5 years old. They love going for walks and playing with their toys!

This is Zoey. She's a little over a year old. She loves everybody! She loves to chase the cat and carry sticks around the yard that are much bigger than her.

This is Buddy. He is a 2 year old Boston Terrier who is full of energy! He's a great companion for our 6 year old son!

This is a pug puppy at BAH for his vaccines!

This is Hope, she's a big cuddly collie that is really mellow, likes to nap a lot and play with her friends Grace & Thunder. She is 3 years old and hopes to be a mom someday.

This is Daisy, a Bichon Frise, she's a happy, silly little puppy who recently turned 1 Year Old. Her tail is always wagging and she loves people!

This is Izzy who turned 1yr. Dec, 2008. She loves playing with her best friend,Emma.

Libby was born in 2002. She loves to go for walks, fetch toys, and play with other dogs.

Angel was born in Nov. 2008. Angel loves playing with her toys and taking naps.

Rudy and Reggie are brothers we rescued in April 08. They are really sweet and well-behaved and they love the Drs. and Staff at Bradley Animal Hospital.

Lucy too is eleven years old and in spite of her health problems is a real sweetie.